Short Tubular Battery Maintenance Free


Product Features

Product Range

S.No. Model Filled Battery Weight (Kg) Dimension LXWXH (mm)
1 EA200SMF 62.5 517 X 274 X 275

Comparison in between Addo Short Tubular Maintenance Free & AGM Gel VRLA

S.No. Parameter Addo Tall Tubular Conventional AGM VRLA
1 Plate Technology Short TubularFlat Pasted Plate
2 Life w.r.t Application Excellent performance on cyclic application Not good for deep cycle application
3 Electrolyte "Power Backup Solution-Solar/Inverter/UPS Suitable for Float Application above 1 Hour discharge rate" "Power Back up - Inverter/UPS Good for float & stand by application"
4 Electrolyte Electrolyte in-between Gel Electrolyte in-between AGM
5 Water Loss Negligible Negligible
6 Water Top up No water top up throughout Warranty Life No water top up throughout Warranty Life
7 Life Extension Not Applicable Not Applicable
8 Self Discharge Very Low < 2.0% Very Low < 2.0%
9 Life Cycle w.r.t DOD @27° C @ 80% DoD 1500 Cycle 450 Cycle
10 Spillage Spill-proof Spill-proof
11 Fumes No No
12 Recovery in PSOC Excellent Low
13 Charger Settings Generic set point for chargers Required special set point for chargers
14 Operating Temperature Range -20 Degrees to +55 Degrees -15 Degrees to +40 Degrees
15 Terminal Type L-Type Terminal Stud Type Terminal